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Save with Print Manager Plus

Print Manager Plus redefines print management by giving businesses unprecedented control, access and insight into their printing.

Perfected over decades of use in organizations around the world, the cutting-edge software solution represents the very best in support and technology aimed at reducing costs, cutting waste and providing greater printing intelligence.

Print Management Software

  • Audit Printing - Audit all Printing Traffic in a Heterogeneous Printer and Network Environment of any size or type.
  • Control Printing - Set Quotas, Restrictions, Authentication and Security on Printing Traffic.

  • Manage Printing - Printing Usage Reports, Charts, Statements, Savings and much more...

  • Simple Licensing - Licensed for any type of Network environment including Workgroup, Single Server and Enterprise.

Web Based Print Management Tools

  • Print Cloud - Create Private Web-Based remote Driverless Printing Cloud and Authenticate Printing through Active Directory.
  • Remote and Mobile Device Printing - Print from a Browser, Laptop, iPad, Surface, Chromebook, Slate or any Android Device.

  • Release Station - Print on the fly or Hold print jobs for Authentication and/or Payment through a Cashier.

  • Integrate - Print Manager Plus Quotas, Restrictions, Client Billing features Apply and Authentication and Payment software portals supported.

Client Accounting Printing Software

  • Client Billing - Bill Back printing to Clients, Accounts, Projects, Matter Codes.
  • Billing Module - Hold print jobs for Authentication and/or Billing Codes.

  • Statements - Create printing statements for customers, clients or accounts.

  • Administration - Add Sub Accounts, Comments, Batch Printing, Cost Accounting, Markups and levels of authentication.

Professional Web Based Reporting

  • Reporting - Fully Web Based Standard and Professional versions using SQL Reporting Services.
  • Services - Active Directory permission based with Dashboards, Charts, Reports and Statements.

  • Administration - Report Delivery, Security Rights, Export, Dynamic Sorting and much more...

Return on Investment Calculator

Use the Print Manager ROI calculator to see how much your organization can save on printing.

We can guarantee that you will be surprised by the savings even with conservative estimates!

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“We have been using with great satisfaction Print Manager Plus for more than 9 years. It has solved the management of our school printers... Click Here to Keep Reading

“We have been using with great satisfaction Print Manager Plus for more than 9 years. It has solved the management of our school printers. The client support is outstanding! Yes, it does seem over enthusiastic but these our observations when asked.”

— Leclerc institution

“The Faculty of Forestry is a small faculty at the University of Toronto. We have a computer lab of 22 computers that our students have access to supporting both their teaching assignments and research. We were averaging anywhere from $300.00 to $900.00 a month on toner and other printer consumables. Within a few weeks of installing Print Manager we started to recover a lot of these costs by charging them for their printing. The software also makes the student think twice before they print since now they are paying for it versus have unlimited printing at faculty expense. Should have bought Print Manager many years ago.”

— IK, Faculty of Forestry University of Toronto

“When I first started implementing PMP, I had it set to just track all of the print jobs in one school on the print server without any restrictions. After a couple of days, I ran the detailed history by user report and looked at the generic student account to see what they have been printing. Needless to say, I was shocked to see the unnecessary and excessive printing they were doing. Specifically, on one of the websites they use for educational games, at the end of one of the online activities it has a big button that says print. What students were doing was clicking on the print button, and then they would type in a random number in the copies box and click print. One print job we saw that was sent to the printer had 8,761 copies sent to it! Thankfully, the printer ran out of paper after about 200 pages printed, but it was still a waste of paper and toner.

I also noticed that in the PMP report, the title of the print job was simply called, "flash" so I set a restriction to deny printing the title of the document titled flash. The very next day, I ran the Summary of Denied printing for all users report and saw that PMP restricted a 6,532 page print job from that same user account with the print job title, flash.

Since then, we have added a few more restrictions on the generic student account and in the past two months that PMP has been "overseeing" that generic student account, it has restricted 17,256 pages from being printed. Needless to say, PMP has been wonderful in restricting excessive printing in the district!”

— KK Waterloo Community School District

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3 September 2014
WebAdvantage Suite Option Update Notification 4.1.6
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30 July 2014
Print Manager Plus 9.0 Beta Released
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23 June 2014
WebAdvantage Suite Option Update Notification 4.1.5
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15 April 2014
Print Manager Plus 2010 Update Notification
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13 March 2014
WebAdvantage Suite Option Update Notification 4.1.3
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11 February 2014
Print Manager Plus 2010 Update Notification
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27 January 2014
Print Manager Plus 2010 Update Notification
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16 January 2014
WebPrint iPad App Update Notification 1.1
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10 January 2014
WebAdvantage Suite Option Update Notification 4.1
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5 November 2013
Print Manager Plus 2010 Update Notification
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Press Releases and News

20 August, 2013
EPA and Penn State Case Study - Printing Options for Reducing Paper and Ink.
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30 April, 2013
Print Manager Appoints P.P. Bangkaew Business CO.,LTD. Thailand as its Authorized Country Reseller.
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5 March, 2013
Print Manager Donates Essential Software to Millennium Learning Centre.
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