Press Release

Print Manager Donates Essential Software to Millennium Learning Centres
Ottawa, Canada
05 March 2013
We are pleased to announce that thanks to a generous donation by Print Manager to United Way Ottawa, 15 Millennium Learning Centres (MLC) are proud recipients of this ingenious software which greatly reduces printing costs and waste, while mitigating the environmental footprint.

MLC, a millennium project, first opened its doors in 2000 with contributions from Industry Canada’s Community Access Program (PAC), the Office of Learning Technologies and the City of Ottawa. MLC’s are located in 15 different geographically accessible sites to provide free access to computers and Internet services for the most disadvantaged residents of Ottawa that are at risk of being left out of the technology loop and falling into the digital divide.

Our vision is that every individual in our community have the opportunity to access learning technologies and supports in a user-friendly location and environment. “To find employment or to succeed in school, access to a computer and to the Internet is indispensable " says Michel Gervais, Executive Director of the Vanier Community Service Centre, on behalf of the Coalition.

But while the program remains a vital service to the community (last year alone 49 124 visits were recorded), funding is increasingly elusive. Subsequently MLC’s are working collaboratively with United Way to find innovative ways to reduce expenses, “We estimate that our new partnership with Print Manager will help us address the funding gap by reducing printing related costs by as much as 50%” adds Michel Gervais.

The VCSC is a member of the Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres of Ottawa, the initiator of this project. Founded over 30 years ago by community members wishing to establish francophone community services in Vanier, the VCSC offers a wide range of bilingual programs and services in four main areas: Counselling Services and Community Development, Family Services, Legal Clinic Services for Francophones and Employment and Community Services.

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