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Jetmobile, developer of embedded printer and MFP firmware solutions and Software Shelf, developer of print server optimization solutions, today announced a strategic partnership focused on sharing technology between the two companies to address the cost, waste and CO² impact of office printers and copiers in large corporations.
Palo Alto, California, Tampa, Florida and Paris, France
10 March 2011
"We are extremely confident that this partnership will establish a new milestone in the Green IT world," said Jean-Francois d’Estalenx, President of Jetmobile. “Together with Software Shelf, we will present an enhanced offering in print and copy cost reduction solutions helping companies reaching their CO² reduction goals and optimizing their printer and copier fleets."

"Jetmobile has the tools that complete our software offering, which together introduce a new era of print management," said Bill Feeley, CEO of Software Shelf. “Not only will customers save money on their IT budgets, but this enables them to fully implement a true green print management system at a fraction of the cost of other more complex and service oriented products."

About Jetmobile
Jetmobile is a fast growing global developer of Web-enabled business process solutions located in EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Americas. Jetmobile solutions help organizations to work smarter gain productivity by better managing information through information validation, optimization, encryption, secured delivery and one-to-one workflow.

Jetmobile products are used since 1994 in over 94 countries on 4 continents. Jetmobile customers are corporate companies in the manufacturing, shipping, utilities, financial services, banking and public sectors. Its products include SecureJet, BarSIMM, BarDIMM Pro and MicrDIMM Pro.

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About Software Shelf
The worldwide leader in integrated Print Management solutions. Established in 1994, its flagship product, Print Manager Plus®, is used by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide. Our priority is the achieving of the highest technical quality of product and providing each customer with uncompromising help in customer service and technical support.

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Bill Feeley
Print Manager
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