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Print Manager Plus 6.0 Client Billing Version for Attorneys and Law Firms Released to Account and Bill-back Printing Costs to Clients; Newest Release in a Series of New Print Management and Cost Reduction Software Solutions for Every Market.
Clearwater, Florida - London, England
19 October 2005
In its continued roll-out of a series of new print management and accounting software products, Software Shelf today announced the release of Print Manager Plus® 6.0 Client Billing with Authentication for Attorneys and Law Firms to account for and bill-back printing cost to clients or cases.

The product uses a workstation (Win NT/2000/XP) based Authentication Module, which runs in the background on the user's workstation. Whenever the user prints, the print job is paused on the print server's printer queue. The user then receives a pop-up message with the full information of the print job and instructions how to authenticate it. Upon entering a password, it prints and automatically bills the itemized costs to a client's account or matter code.

This product is 100% software based, no hardware added, nothing changed in Windows. Award winning Print Manager Plus software is the first Microsoft verified and logo certified software to support Hewlett-Packard® Multifunctional printers' (MFP) walk-up copying or printing. It supports all printer brands, printers, MFPs, and plotters of any size and operating systems. It is easy to use, installs in second on a Windows workstation or print server and requires no special training to deploy and manage. It is native to the Windows operating system and supports printing from all operating systems.

Software Shelf® Tech support is provided in 12 European languages during American and European business hours from the award winning tech support centers in the USA and UK.

Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf worldwide. Microsoft is a trademark owned by Microsoft Corporation. Hewlett-Packard is a trademark owned by Hewlett-Packard Company.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271