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Print Manager Plus 6.0 Client Billing with Authentication Released for Real Estate Professionals and Companies to Account for or Bill-back Printing Costs Eliminates Printing Waste and Recoups Costs for Real Estate and Estate Agents.
Clearwater, Florida - London, England
10 October 2005
Software Shelf today announced the release of new Print Manager Plus® 6.0 Client Billing with Authentication to account for and eliminate printing waste among Real Estate and Estate Agent companies and personnel. This new, pure software solution includes advanced technology that is unprecedented in the printer hardware and software industries. Versions include licensing and pricing matrix for Real Estate Small Office/Home Office, Small Business and Enterprise with pricing starting at $99.00 for Real Estate professionals.

The product uses a workstation (Win NT/2000/XP) based Authentication Module, which runs in the background on the user’s workstation. Whenever the user prints the print job is paused on the print server's printer queue. The user then receives a pop-up message with the full information of the print job and instructions on how to authenticate the print job. This forces users and/or clients to enter their password to print and automatically charges or bills them or their account code for the print job or to simply make users look at what they are printing before they print.

This new product is 100% software based, no hardware added, nothing changed in Windows. It was developed to satisfy real estate professionals’ requests and needs making Print Manager Plus the easiest and most effective print management solution for reducing costs of expensive color or other printing among real estate professionals.

Award winning Print Manager Plus software is the first Microsoft verified and logo certified software to support Hewlett-Packard® Multifunctional printers' (MFP) walk-up copying or printing. It supports all printer brands, printers, MFPs, and plotters of any size and operating systems.

Other New and Improved points of Print Manager Plus 6.0 include features to meet every need for reporting, accounting for or restricting how much is printed. Installation is on the Windows print server. It is fully integrated with MS Access installation wizard, as well as the MSDE installation wizard or SQL installation wizard at the option of the administrator. Print Manager Plus is in use by thousands of companies, professionals, government agencies, and schools world-wide.

A complete software solution. Print Manager Plus requires no additional hardware between the printers and your network.

Fast and easy to set up and maintain. Installs in seconds and immediately tracks all printing that spools through a print server or workstation based printers. In minutes, with the use of Print Manager Plus, one can implement a quota system or group/printer specific restrictions for the entire network, and report on or account for full printing usage for a clear picture of Total Cost of Ownership.

Windows® compatibility: Print Manager Plus does NOT use custom port monitors or replace any of the Windows system files. It is native to the Windows operating system.

Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf worldwide.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271