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Print Manager Plus Earns Top Industry Award at Microsoft TechEd 2005 Best Print Management Software, Best Price, Best Quality
Clearwater, Florida - London, England
08 June 2005
The only print management software given a full Five Star rating by Sunbelt 2005 Y2Knews Award, Software Shelf International's Print Manager Plus received top honors in all software solution categories at Microsoft TechEd 2005 this week. Votes tallied from over 500,000 Windows System Administrators, MIS Managers, MCPs, MCSEs and IT professionals around the world named Print Manager Plus the number one print management solution in the world.

Print Manager Plus is simple to use, installs in minutes and enables an administrator to monitor all printers throughout the network. Print Manager Plus fully tracks, accounts for, quotas and reports on what is printed or plotted, by whom and on each printer enabling an IT Administrator to fully control and reduce the costs of printing throughout the organization. Print Manager Plus automates cost reduction and requires no extra training to operate by an average administrator.

Software Shelf International's CEO, Bill Feeley noted that Print Management Plus, "can generate more savings over the software product's cost than any other software in an organization - enterprise or institution." He added, "Print Manager Plus was built from the ground up for the Windows operating system and fully compliments and supports Hewlett-Packard's Total Print Management (TPM) campaign to reduce the hidden cost of printing in an organization."

A recently commissioned independent study of 800 schools and universities using Print Manager Plus revealed that the average school saved enough money in their first three weeks of use to pay for the program and a full year of maintenance.

Print Manager Plus solves print accounting and print waste problems that organizations, up to now, could only try to cope with. It can save the average school or university well over $1000.00 per month in reduced toner and paper costs by eliminating print waste and help to redirect these savings back into the budget.

Last week, both Xerox and Gartner reported that unmanaged document output infrastructures cost organizations upwards of twenty percent of their total IT budgets and three percent of their total revenues.

Print Manager Plus is the only Microsoft Certified print management and accounting software in the world. It is native to the Windows operating systems.

Customers using Software Shelf® Print Manager solutions include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, British Department of Education, Siemens, Commerzbank Germany, the Bank of England, the Royal Air Force, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Stanford, Yale, State University of New York, Kennedy Space Center, CNN, and over 10,000 other companies, schools and universities worldwide.

Print Manager Plus' Consultant Version for printer company consultants and sales reps is used to design improved printer fleet hardware placement configurations to save companies money and increase efficiency.

Client Billing features enable Engineering, Architectural, Law Firms, and other service companies to automatically bill printing and plotting costs over to their clients.

New small and medium business versions, soon to be released, will enable anyone to bill their toner and paper costs to clients automatically and eliminate loss of profit concerns due to their costs of toner whether color or black and white. This feature opens the door to increased use of new low cost color printers in business.

Software Shelf provides live tech support in 12 languages during normal North American and European business hours. Additionally, Resellers located in nearly every country worldwide also provide support in local languages.

Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf in the U.S. and other countries.

For further information contact:
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Print Manager
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