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Software Shelf Launches Updates through Live 'Point and Click' Electronic Update Subscription Service within Print Manager Plus. Upgraded Tool for Administrators to Remotely Control Network Printing and Better Manage the Cost of Printing.
San Francisco, California - London, England
19 June 2006
Software Shelf® Corporation today announced the latest updates (build 111) to its flagship product, Print Manager Plus® software delivered through its unique Live E-Update service that keeps the product current with industry related technical releases. This update includes support for new drivers from various printer companies and performance improvements. It supports all printers on the market.

Print Manager Plus print management and accounting software is verified and logo certified by Microsoft and is featured by Microsoft as the Public Sector "Solution of the Month" for June having maintained this status for eight straight months in a row.

Software Shelf CEO, Bill Feeley said, "Our passion is ensuring continuous innovation coupled with the greatest ease of use possible for the end-user. Our E-Update service to all PMP licensees is a great feature as the end user is never left with non-current software and his printing enterprise is kept current with the latest technology changes in the market by the click of a button."

Mr. Feeley added, "PMP's technical quality is second to none. It is a native extension of the OS and unlike other products in this space, does not use custom port monitors or other hacks to replace any of the Windows system files. It seamlessly integrates with all Windows OS's and Active Directory and is very easy to use even by an untrained IT Administrator. Microsoft thought so well of it they included the link for it within their new product for schools, Learning Network Manager."

Software Shelf customers include the British Library, Harvard, Oxford, NATO, CNN, Morgan Stanley, Commerzbank, Royal Air Force, European Transaction Bank, HP, Microsoft and thousands more companies, schools and government offices worldwide.

Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf worldwide.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271