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Software Shelf Offers Print Manager Plus Site Licenses to School Districts, Local Education Authorities, and Ministries of Education Worldwide – Saving a Single “Average” School $2,000 per Month. Native Extension of Window with Seamless Active Directory Integration Provides Complete Print Management and Accounting Solution at a Fraction of the Cost of Every Other Similar Solution on the Market
Palo Alto, California - London, England
09 May 2007
Software Shelf announces the offering of an Unlimited Site License for Print Manager Plus® covering an entire School District or Local Education Authority or an entire University Campus. This unlimited Academic Site License generally covers one organization, and one or more domains under Active Directory covering a few dozen schools or departments to hundreds and more at a fraction of the cost of every other print management and accounting solutions on the market.

Mr. William Feeley, Software Shelf CEO states, “Industry studies show an “average” school of about 1,100 students saves approximately $2,000 a month by using Print Manager Plus. The license cost for an individual school in a school district of say 100 schools is about $150 including one year of support, and Electronic Update service, including upgrades.

“Not only is it the lowest in price of every similar solution on the market, it is of the highest technical quality. Print Manager Plus is standardized to and “native” to the Windows Operating System. It’s the only print management and accounting software in the market voted as the Microsoft Solution of the Month for the Public Sector. It has been the Microsoft Solution of the Month for 17 months in a row – it is easy to use, requires no training for an average school IT administrator and it can be installed and deployed in a few minutes reducing paper and toner consumption by half or more from the moment it is deployed and from there on out.”

Whether used across a School District or University Campus, Print Manager Plus covers all Print Management and Accounting needs. It allows one to track, quota, bill or restrict student printing and printer usage. It provides easy control over all printing resources, namely printers, paper, and toner. No more wasted budget resulting from uncontrolled and irresponsible printing.

Features Include:
  • User Quotas
  • Seven User, Group, or Printer Restrictions.
  • Complete user notification via built in free End User Inquiry Tool.
  • Licensed per Print Server/Workgroup or Unlimited Site License.
  • Supports unlimited users on the Active Directory/LDAP or Workgroup setup.
  • Supports unlimited printers on the print server.
  • Over 100 built in Reports.
  • Easy Install, No Change to Windows, No Hardware Required It supports more printers than any other Print Management Vendor solution. It supports over 39 base printer languages, covering every single print language from every major vendor on the market.
It is proven in the industry having been on the market for over ten years and in use by such customers as Yale University, Los Angeles Unified School District, Harvard, Oxford, Morgan Stanley, British Library, University of California, Bank of England, NATO, CNN, Commerzbank, European Transaction Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Hyatt Hotels, Microsoft, and thousands more companies, schools and government offices worldwide.

Tech support and sales are provided in 13 European languages directly from offices located in the US and UK and support and sales are also offered through 153 resellers, partners and distributors in 62 countries.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271