Case Study

About Marsh Inc.
Marsh Inc. is the world's leading risk and insurance services firm. Our mission is "To create and deliver risk solutions and services that make our clients more successful." Since our formation in 1871, we have grown into an enterprise with 410 owned-and-operated offices and 38,000 colleagues, who serve clients in more than 100 countries. Marsh's annual revenues are $5.9 billion.

Description of Network
# of Print Servers: 1 Windows 2000

# of Workstations: 405 running Windows 98 and Windows XP

# of Printers: 57

B&W - 36
HP 4000 – HP 9000

Color - 21
Tek 840 – 860, HP 4600

# of Users: 315

Description of Initial Problem
The initial problem was and is the consumables for color printing alone were estimated at $137,000 USD per year.

I needed to know what, who and where information was being printed. With this software I can narrow down where the issues are. Before we had no way of telling what people were printing, now we can.

Description of Solution
With the Software and reporting I can see what is being printed and how. I can use the reports to advise the department managers of abuse and give the statistics to the office trainer to assist them in training the users who are printing to the wrong type of printer. This would be printing email to color, printing large proposals to a 4000 instead of sending it to word processing.

Also we can average the users and see when someone is out of average and help provide resources to help them perform their job function more efficiently.

The development teams at Software Shelf are assisting me in achieving my goals. They have helped trouble shoot, develop new reports, modify existing reports and have done so with a great attitude.