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Software Shelf Announces Formation of New Distribution Company to Solve Most Popular Windows Needs.
San Francisco, California - London, England
16 June 2006
Software Shelf International, Inc. today announced the formation of Software Shelf Distribution, LLC., a subsidiary company devoted to the distribution of the most needed, popular and "best of breed" Windows® related software products for the IT Administrator as well as the home user.

Software Shelf Distribution, LLC., formerly the 3rd party product distribution arm of Software Shelf International, Inc., is headed by veteran software sales executive Sam Licciardi. Software Shelf Distribution has been a leader in providing "best of breed" Windows Management Utilities including Diskeeper, Counterspy Enterprise, Panda, Sunbelt Messaging Ninja and other Windows related products for ten years. "By this reoganization into a separate entity, the leadership role of Software Shelf shall be enhanced and passionately devoted to providing the best possible and most cost effective software products in the industry by myself and my team of software technical and sales people."

Licciardi, formerly the Executive Vice President of Sales for Sunbelt Software Inc, went on to say "The purpose of the separation is to allow both companies to focus on their strengths. Software Shelf International wishes to focus on their ?in-house? product line of cost recovery, accounting and print management products Print Manager Plus?, Print Console, and Print Queue Manager, and their security, cost recovery File-Rescue Plus? software lines. Therefore, it only made sense to separate the distribution of related and best of breed third party tools into its own legal and operational identity as Software Shelf Distribution, LLC."

According to Licciardi, the high level of support and service will not only remain so, but improve. In addition, the product line has expanded and now includes CounterSpy, CounterSpy Enterprise, iHateSpam, Sunbelt Messaging Ninja, Diskeeper, Directory Inspector, EvenTrigger, eXclaimer, FileAudit, Fortress Desktop, Hyena, Kerio Personal Firewall, NTAccess, Double-Take, Remote Exec, ServerVision, Sitekeeper, UserLock, WinReporter, and Harris corporation?s STAT Security products.

Top notch products, personal and responsive attention is what is needed from a software distribution company", said Licciardi. "That is what we do. Now that Software Shelf Distribution is on its own, we can focus on doing it even better," said Licciardi.

Software Shelf, Print Manager Plus, Print Queue Manager, Print Console and File-Rescue Plus are trademarks and service mark owned by Software Shelf International Inc. worldwide. The mark “Software Shelf” is licensed to Software Shelf Distribution LLC and used with permission. Windows is a trademark and service mark owned by Microsoft worldwide.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271