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Software Shelf Announces Print Manager Plus® RELEASE STATION 2.0 - Breakthrough Technology Ending Wasteful and Non-secure Printing in Schools, Libraries and Businesses Release Station 2.0 combines security and cost control with ease-of-use in managing user-printing through Windows or the Web
San Francisco, California - London, England
11 July 2006
Software Shelf today announced availability of Print Manager Plus Release Station 2.0, a new tool for businesses, schools and libraries to control user printing whether printing through a print server or in a work group, by entering a password from a release station at or near designated printers. New features especially eliminate waste of toner and other consumables plus unique security features for printing confidential documents.

The tool avoids the problem of users printing documents then never going to the actual printer to pick them up. This solves the situation of stacks of unused documents sitting at the printer.

Security comes in as the tool allows for confidential material in an organization to not actually be printed at the printer, for every one to see, until the user is actually right there to release it and pick it up.

It supports all printers on the market and is a native extension of the Windows operating system with seamless Active Directory integration. It is:

  • Licensed per Print Server/Workgroup.
  • Supports unlimited users on the Domain(s)/Workgroup.
  • Supports unlimited printers on the print server
When a user prints, he/she goes to a workstation next to the printer, types in their user name and password and can see their own jobs or with permission. all jobs. They select their job or jobs and either release them or cancel them. All cost data is kept in the Print Manager Plus database for billing, tracking and managing.

Print Manager Plus is verified and logo certified by Microsoft and is featured by Microsoft as the Public Sector “Solution of the Month” for July having maintained this status for nine straight months in a row.

Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf worldwide.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271