Print Manager Plus Features Grid by Products, Agent, and Options


Licensed by Print Server  XX     
Licensed by Number of Workstations X  X    
Supports Installation on Windows Server 2003/2008 XXX XXXX
Supports Installation on Windows Vista/Seven XXXXXXXX
Supports Installation on Windows Server 2000 XXX    X
Supports Installation on Windows XP XXXX   X
Supports Active Directory  XXXXXXX
Supports Windows Workgroups XXXXXXXX
LDAP Authentication        X
Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliancy. XXX     
Supports Data Protection Acts compliancy. XXX     
SQL Express Database for Single Servers and Workgroups XXX  X  
Supports Local and Remote SQL 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 Database   X   X 

Special Licensing

Supports Installation on Server 2008 Core Edition   X     
Supports Installation on Microsoft Clustered Services   X     
Works with Server 2008 Core Edition Installations   XXXXXX
Works with Microsoft Clustered Services Installations   XXXXXX
Terminal Services Environments and Servers   X XXXX
Supports Multiple Domain Active Directories and Forests   X     

Basic Functionality

Tracks Print Server Based Printing  XX     
Tracks Direct IP / Workstation Based Printing XXXX    
Tracks Printing for all Brands, Manufacturers and Types of Devices XXX     
Tracks and Supports all Large Format Printing XXX     
Tracks, Totals and Sumarizes Printing Costs XXX     
Print Job Metrics Tracked: Page Count, Color, Copies, Duplex, Page Size, Linear Length, Square Area, NUP and Bandwidth XXX     
Print Job Information Tracked: Cost, Document Title, User, Group Membership, Organizational Unit, Printer, Printer IP/Port, Printer Group, Workstation and Custom AD Fields XXX     
Restrict by Number of Pages XXX     
Restrict by Spool File Size XXX     
Restrict Based on Document Title XXX     
Restrict Based on Color or Black and White XXX     
Restrict Based on Day and Time XXX     
Restricted Based on Number of Copies XXX     
Restrict Based on Duplicate Printing XXX     
Deny Printing based on Duplex Settings XXX     
Deny Printing based on Total Job Cost XXX     
Messaging to keep End Users Informed of their Job Restrictions and Quota XXX     
Admin Rights functionality allows you to grant rights to manage only certain users, groups, Ous and Printers XXX     
Hold Jobs for the Web Release Station / Web Advantage Option XXX     

User Functionality

User Quotas and Balances XXX     
Scheduled Quota Updates XXX     
Automatically Loads Users from Active Directory  XX     
Filter and Search for Users XXX     
Custom User Accounts XXX    X
Import Custom Active Directory Field by User   X     
Import Custom List of Users XXX     
Allow Second Separate Paid Balance per User XXX     
Set Restrictions at the User Level XXX     
Set Multiple Balances per Grouping of Printers XXX     
Deny or Allow printing by users who are not recognized by Active Directory  XX     

Group Functionality

Specify User Balances and Quota Updates at the Group Level XXX     
Specify Restriction Settings at the Group Level XXXX    
Automatically Loads Groups from Active Directory  XX     
Filter and Search for Groups XXX     
Create Custom User Groupings XXX    X

Organizational Unit (OU) Functionality

Specify User Balances and Quota Updates at the OU Level XXX     
Specify Restriction Settings at the OU Level XXXX    
Automatically Loads OU from Active Directory  XX     
Filter and Search for OU XXX     

Printer Functionality

Set Cost Per Page for Color, and Black and White Printing XXX     
Specify Restrictions at the Printer Level XXX     
Ability to Exclude Specific Printers from Tracking and Control XXXX    
Advanced Page Cost per Page Size XXX     
Large Format Printing: Set Costs by Length or Square Area XXX     
Group Similar Printers for Reporting XXX     
Require Print Job Verification per Printer Queue XXXX    

Server Functionality

View Licensed Servers XXX     
Check Server Status or all Servers and Workstation Agents XXX     
Ability to View and Edit License Keys XXXX    
Advanced Page Cost per Page Size  XX     


Reporting Based on User, Group, OU, Workstation, Server, Printer, Bandwidth, Savings and Administration XXX  XX 
Graph Reports XXX  XX 
Drill Down on Summaries XXX  XX 
Web Based Reporting      XX 
Dashboards: At a glance totals for daily, weekly and monthly printing      XX 
MyReports, Web Reporting for End Users: Allows users to check balances and view past print jobs and other transactions      XX 
Scheduled Generation and Emailing of Reports       X 
Scheduled Generation and Storing of Reports       X 
Dynamic Sorting of Reports      XX 
Assign Permissions to View Specific Reports      XX 
Export Report To PDF or Excel XXX  XX 
Export to Advanced Formats: CSV, Web Archive, TIFF, Word and more... XXX   X 

Client Billing & Authentication Add-On Functionality

Prompt on Each Print for Account/Client/Project/Matter Selection        X
Support of Sub Accounts        X
Specify Job Cost Markup or Discount per Client / Project        X
Specify Jobs, Clients or Projects to be Billable        X
Allows Users to Specify which Jobs are Billable        X
Adds Client Billing Reports and Client Statements to all Reporting Packages        X
Allows User and Client copy tracking from Select Multifunction Devices        X
Require Active Directory Username and Password        X
Require Custom Username and Password List        X
Import Existing Client Files from CSV File        X
Import Existing Username and Password list from CSV File        X

Workstation Functionality

Tracks Printing to Direct IP Devices    X    
Tracks Printing of Locally Attached Printers    X    
Enforces all Quotas and Restrictions set at the Server on a Workstation    X    

Web Advantage Functionality

Allows Administrators and Managers to View, Release or Delete Held Jobs for all Users     X   
Allows Users to View their Existing Balances     X   
Allows End Users to Release their Own Print Jobs     X   
Allows End Users to Pay for Print Jobs with Credit Card or PayPal     X   
Allows End Users to Add Balance with Credit Card or PayPal     X